четвъртък, 12 ноември 2009 г.

Hobbies and entertainments for teenagers in Bulgaria :)

Teenagers use a lot of their time for hobbies. There are many types of characters in teens. So every teenager has different interests and hobbies. For example sports, collecting some things like marks, stamps and labels, reading books, writing, and cooking.

Girls and boys are different. For example, boys are interested in sports like football, basketball, volleyball and swimming. But girls prefer dancing, singing and going out with friends. Some girls like sports too like running, playing volleyball, handball and swimming.

Because of the many teenagers that are interested in sports the ministry made different programs for them:
--„Sport for teenagers in their free time”
--“Sport for teenagers with high achievement”
--“Program for development for students”
They even give scholarship for teenagers who are very good at sport. And there are sport-camps for these teens.
There are competitions in other countries like Russia, Rumania and Greek where students from Bulgaria present very well themselves and out country and get different medals.
How many per cents of teenagers play sports?
54% - do
9% - do not but in the future they plan to play
36% - they were playing but now they don’t
Every tenth of the teens play sport.

Teenagers spend a lot of time on the computer. Three out of four teens spend about two hours daily surfing the internet or chatting with friends. Teenagers in Bulgaria use the most Skype. There isn’t anybody who uses MSN, QQ or ISQ. We use the computer and for listening or downloading music. But most boys prefer to play computer games like CS, WOW, Diablo, FIFA, NBA, COD and others.

Teenagers love being with friends. For example they like going to discos and clubs. Summer time in the evenings discos are full with people. Teenagers love to relax when they go to discos. They dance, talk, joke with friends and at all have fun. Sometimes teens even go to karaoke bars to have a good time.

In the summer teenagers love going to beach resorts with their families and friends. The most popular beach resorts are Nesebar, Sunny beach, Sozopol, Pomorie, Varna, Kavarna and our city too. There are many attractions. For example in Varna there is a dolphinarium which is a very interesting place for tourists. In Sunny beach there are many luxurious hotels and attractive buildings. Teenagers love having a walk around the resort. In the evening one of the coolest clubs open their doors for the biggest fans of dancing. Most of the visitors are teenagers, but they go with adults, because they’re under 18. The music is mostly Bulgarian pop-folk. Teens stay up too late dancing with their mates.

In Burgas celebrating July morning is very popular for teenagers. Every year a lot of teens welcome the sunrise. They stay up at the night on the beach, drink alcohol and have fun with friends. In the morning a half of them sleep but the awake ones enjoy the sunrise.

The Sea Garden Park in Burgas is one of the major recreational areas in town. The flowerbeds in the Sea Garden Park are among the best kept in the region. The garden begins next to the Burgas Harbour and goes along the Black Sea coastline up to the Northern end of town. Directly below the Sea Garden Park you find the Old Beach, and The Pier. In addition, you find the Central Town Beach just North of the Burgas Harbour and the South end of the Sea Garden Park. It is one of the few places in Burgas which is regularly maintained. Here the main, forked stairs leading down to the Central Town Beach are being swept.The garden is really nice place to have a walk. In spring there are a lot of people with their dogs, kids or just with friends. In the Sea Garden there are and fun-fair too. A lot of kids visit it and have fun. In the fun-fair there is a big “ballerina”. It is the biggest attraction in the fair. Sometimes teenagers visit the fun-fair with friends and have fun.

The centre of our town is next to sea garden of the town. Here are many places where teenagers can walk, have a drink or just sit and have fun. The biggest cafes in Burgas are “Dreams” “Fresh” “Karamel” “Silver” and “Broadway”. Throughout the day they are full with people of different ages who relax, talking or just drinking coffee. At the night there are loud music, dancing people and so many happy faces. Also, when you walk down the capital streets here, you usually see your friends and familiars, stop and say just “Hallo!” or talking with them something.
Teenagers often relax with walking along of capital streets. They are two-Aleksandrovska Avenue and Bogoridi Avenue. There are many shops for clothes, places where you can eat, where you can sit and have a rest.

Girls’ hobbies

Some girls prefer reading books for example all parts of “Twilight” and “The Vampire Diaries”. Girls are crazy about vampires’ stories. The lazier students prefer to watch movies or to go out with friends. Big part of them like horror movies and fantasy. For example the film “Harry Potter” is very watched. Everybody love going to the cinema with friends and to have fun.

Girls like going out with friends. They love shopping, talking with friends for their problems and telling stories about themselves.

Girls are not so active. But some of them are interested in sports. The most popular sports are volleyball, swimming and handball. Teenagers who play sports are very athletic and good-looking because they eat more healthy food.
About girls' sports:

--5th please for teenagers – 2008
--9th please for girls – 2008
--16th please in World Championship in Rome, Italy
--one 1st, two 2nd and two 3rd please in championship in Slovakia
--six 1sr and one 3rd please for girls in Regional Championship for boys
Girls from Bulgaria took part in European Championship in Tampere, Finland. A girl named Vangelina Draganova won three 1st pleases in championship where Varna was a householder. For the last year she won six 1st and one 3rd pleases and six distinctions for girls (two 2nd and four 3rd please).
Some of our teenagers took part in Balkan Junior Championship 2008 in Pitesti in Romania.
There was a European federation congress in Denmark.


--1st, three 2nd and two 3rd please on Balkan games
--7th please on World championship in Portugal
--14th please in twelve events on State championship for girls
--5th please in combination without device (from 64 participant)
--one 3rd please in championship in Patra, Greece
--one 3rd please in championship in The Czech Republic
Bulgarian girls took part in championship with contestant from Austria, Latvia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Russia and The Czech Republic.
8 girls were rewarded for there good presenting with a prize from 350 to 800 levs.
Our national team for teenagers went to Torino in Italy.

Bulgaria won five medals in championship in Slovakia, ten medals in World
Championship, fifteen medals in Regional Championship in Sofia and three medals in Balkan games.
Girls and boys were prized with cups for their good presenting on world championships.
Teenagers from Bulgaria took part in competition where they were competing with teenagers from Turkey and Rumania.
Bulgaria won sixteen medals in Balkaniada in Greece.
-- 1st please in Regional Championship for girls
-- 2nd please in Balkan games
-- 2nd please in World Championship for boys
-- One 1st and two 3rd please in Regional Championship for boys.

There are not any teens who can live without music. Music is everything. Music is life. Everybody likes a different style music. The most popular music is pop-folk. 90% of girls listen to it. But there are also teens who like more pop, punk, rock and metal. Heavy metal is not so popular but about 2-3 % of teens listen metal. Teenagers often listen to music: when they study, when they go to school, when they surf the internet, even when they have a rest.

There are teenagers who ate interested in art. They like taking photos of people and buildings. Those kind of teenagers like painting too.

Boys’ hobbies

The boy’s hobbies and entertainments are usually sporting, collecting and a little bit writing and reading. In Bulgaria big part of the boys play computer games or do some sport. Football, volleyball and basketball are the most popular sports here.

Football in Bulgaria is very popular, although our teams aren’t so good.Here, in our town, every school has one or more football grounds where students or people living near the school play. It is the most common sport for boys in our town. The biggest team whose home ground is in Burgas is “Chernomoretz” .It has a great youth academy, where many football talents train to become professional footballers or just for fun.

There are many pools in Burgas where people can swim. Our town is one of the most developed cities in Bulgaria in this respect, probably because it is on the coastline of Black Sea and many people enjoy swimming in the sea in the summer. Some of the best swimming teams in Bulgaria are from our city-“Briz” and “Chernomoretz”. There are many kids and teenagers interested in swimming.

There are about 20 or 25 tennis courts in Burgas which isn’t small number for Bulgaria. Many kids start training tennis at early age in order to become tennis players in the future, but tennis is a hobby for many teenagers and adults, who started playing older and like having fun playing with friends or just like resting after work, of course not physical rest .

The boys are more intensive than most girls. They run more; they jump more and in all boys are more mobile. But some of them are creative, too. They like painting, writing, and reading. One big part of the famous writers and artists are men.
When little boys grow up and become more aged 16-17 years, they become lazy and less mobile. Learning takes more time, there is much homework too. Also they start being interested in girls and they do not have enough time for their hobbies.

Interesting numbers about the teenagers' hobbies and entertainments:
70% of the girls dance and sing
18% of the girls play an instrument or are in a band
22% of the boys play an instrument or are in a band
32% of the girls have own pages in the Internet
22% of the boys have own pages in the Internet